CODBL0004W in IBM License Metric Tool

After installing the IBM License Metric Tool, you might see:
Essential periodic calculations did not occur when expected. The last day processed is Apr 25, 2011 while it should be Apr 29, 2011.

By default the tool processes the data collected 2 days prior, so you’ll see the specified dates are a few days old. IBM wants you to collect a bunch of data, and open a ticket, but you may be able to correct this yourself. In CODIF8140E Essential periodic calculations did not occur when expected IBM tells you that it’s probable that the TLMSRV user doesn’t have the correct privileges to the database, and to turn on debugging and send the logs to IBM. At the bottom of the page, it tells you what is actually needed:
Direct CREATETAB authority = YES 
Direct BINDADD authority = YES 
Direct CONNECT authority = YES

DB2 for Mac install fails

What is it with IBM and products that fail to install?!?

I downloaded the beta of DB2 for Mac (version 9.5.2). The install went fine, until creating the actual instance. At which point it fails miserably. Firstly, it needs xcode installed, so signup for a free Apple Developer account and get that installed. After some digging, I found that the developer at IBM linked a bunch of executables to library files under /Users/rchase and /wsdb. Here is a quick script to resolve this by creating links in the right places: