Mac Terminal Tweaks

I spend most of my day in the terminal doing one thing or another. While the default setting work pretty well on the Mac, it’s lacking while connecting to a remote system. Here are some of the tweaks I’ve made to make the terminal app more useful for me.

Not all systems know how to handle a terminal type of xterm-color. I did find a terminal definition for xterm-color and successfully applied it to AIX, but I’d rather not do that to all my systems. So, you can change the terminal type to xterm by default. Under Terminal Preferences -> Settings -> Advanced, change the “Declare terminal as” to xterm. You can also select dtterm (not as well supported on AIX, and not color) or several flavors of vtterm.

DB2 for Mac install fails

What is it with IBM and products that fail to install?!?

I downloaded the beta of DB2 for Mac (version 9.5.2). The install went fine, until creating the actual instance. At which point it fails miserably. Firstly, it needs xcode installed, so signup for a free Apple Developer account and get that installed. After some digging, I found that the developer at IBM linked a bunch of executables to library files under /Users/rchase and /wsdb. Here is a quick script to resolve this by creating links in the right places: