Brocade Fibre Switche NTP Setup

It’s recommended to keep everything in the enterprise on the same time to make troubleshooting easier if nothing else. Brocade Fibre Channel Switches can use an NTP server to keep time. The principle switch polls the NTP server and the updates are propagated to the entire fabric.

To see the current settings issue the tsclock command from the command line, or specify the IP address of an NTP server to set it:

tsClockServer ""

And, don’t forget to set the time zone:

tstimezone --interactive


    I’ve set NTP on my Brocade but the UTC im getting from the NTP is early by an hour while all other components on the network get the correct UTC

      Pat Vaughan

      That’s interesting. My first instinct is to check the code level on your switches. It’s possible that you have a code level before the 2007 DST change. Try running tstimezone. This was fixed in 5.1.1b, I think.


    Thanks It works Fine


    Hi Pat – just wanted to say thanks for posting your observations and help guides on the internet… keep up the geekery!

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