Clearing PV Reservations

Sometimes, especially in a HACMP environment, one system will leave a bogus reservation on a PV. While this reservation is set, no other node can use that disk. I’ve also seen this when one machine crashes hard. When you try to use the disk, you’ll get a PVMISSING status on the offending disks. This used to be a real problem, but I haven’t seen it on newer OS and driver levels.

For instance:

# varyonvg exportvg
PV Status:
vpath45 00094099c2486864
vpath42 000d04dd4934524d
varyonvg: Volume group exportvg is varied on.

Make absolutely sure that the disk is not used on any other system. Run:

lquerypv -h /dev/vpath42 80 10

If there is output, then it’s not a reservation issue, call support.

To reset the reservation do:

/usr/es/sbin/cluster/events/utils/cl_scdiskreset /dev/vpath42

Then re-run the lquerypv:

lquerypv -h /dev/vpath42 80 10
000D04DD 4934524D 00000000 00000000  |....I4RM........|

And you’re good to go:

varyonvg exportvg

Sometimes you can get a non-HACMP reserve set. This happens if you don’t remove a disk from a volume group or the system goes down hard.

To see if this is the problem do:

lquerypr -vh /dev/vpathxx

If it returns with a number, there is a reserve, to clear it do:

lquerypr -ch /dev/vpathxx

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