FastT Network Setup

The procedure to configure the network ports on the FAStT controller is poorly described in the FAStT Storage Manager Installation and Support Guide, but we worked this out. Some FastT’s have a slightly different process to setup the network, but they’re all very similar.

  1. Connect a NULL serial cable to one of the controllers. Staples has a nice universal Belkin NULL modem cable (the same as a serial laptlink cable).
  2. Connect a serial terminal or terminal emulator running on a PC or laptop to the NULL modem cable.
  3. Configure the terminal to 9600 Bits/sec, 8 data bits, No parity, 1 Stop bit, Xon/Xoff flow control. If using an IBM 3153 terminal, setting its emulation to “SCO console” seems to work best.
  4. Press Ctrl-Break about once a second until the following prompt appears:
    Set baud rate: press within 5 seconds

  5. Press space bar within 5 seconds.
  6. Press Ctrl-Break again once. Should get following prompt:
    Press within 5 seconds: for SHELL, for baud rate

  7. Press Esc key. You should get a banner and a password prompt.
  8. Enter the default password which is infiniti.
  9. At the shell prompt enter:

  10. When prompted set the following values:
    Network Init flags – enter 0x01 (this set to static IP address. 0x00 sets the FAStT to use DHCP)

    My Host Name – enter something suitable, such as FastT1a for controller A in the first FastT installed.

    IP address – enter the IP address provided by network support for this FastT

    Gateway IP address – enter the IP address provided by network support for this subnet

    Subnet mask – enter the correct IP subnet mask

    Just press enter to leave all the other values unchanged.

  11. Check the values are set in NVSRAM correctly by entering:

  12. Reboot the controller by entering:
    sysReboot Note: this reboots just this controller in the box.

  13. Plug the network patch cable into the ethernet port on the FastT controller.
  14. Repeat the above procedure for the other FAStT controller card using a different IP address and name.

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