Finding busy files, LVs, or PVs

If you think you may have contention for a filesystem, lv, or volume; you can use filemon to pinpoint the problem:

filemon -O capture_type -o output_file -T buffer_size

Filemon can capture information on several levels. Valid capture types are:

  • “lf” – Logical file
  • “vm” – Virtual Memory
  • “lv” – Logical Volume
  • “pv” – Physical Volume

The filemon process will run in the background. After a period of time, sometimes you only have to wait a few minutes, run the command “trcstop” to stop the filemon process. The report will be in the output file specified on the command line.

filemon -O lv -o /tmp/filemon.out -T 500000; sleep 300; trcstop

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