Fun w/ PVIDs

Clearing PVID’s from vpaths

If you want to move a volume from one RS/6000 to another, you should clear the PVID. Earlier versions of the SDD had problems if the disk had a PVID when cfgmgr was run. This will correct that problem:

chdev -a pv=clear -l vpath0

Creating a PVID for a disk

Sometimes you want to force a particular PVID on a volume. There is a command to correct this:

/usr/sbin/create_pvid disk PVID

Import an existing PVID from a disk

Sometimes when you run cfgmgr to define a disk that’s in use on another system the PVID can’t be read from the disk. To read the PVID off the disk and populate the ODM, run:

chdev -l disk -a pv=yes

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