Lazy Update – HACMP

On a multi-node HACMP cluster without enhanced concurrent VGs, anytime you add a LV to a volume group, you have to make sure the other nodes see the LV. This will also fix other VG out of sync issues. You can either take everything down and do an importvg on all the nodes, or you can do a “Lazy Update”:

On the current node, the one with the changes, get the PVID of one disk for each volume group to sync:

lspv | grep vgname

Remove the reservations on the shared VG:

varyonvg -b -u vgname

On the other nodes, get the name of the disk that has the same PVID as the current node.

lspv | grep vgname

Import the VG on all the non-current nodes, using the local disk name that has the original PVID:

importvg -L vgname vpathxx

On the current node:

varyonvg vgname

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