Setting HBAs to init in Point-to-Point mode

The HBA does not need to be configured in most cases. Nevertheless, you should verify if your HBA runs in Point to Point mode if applicable (such as switched fabric). By default the HBA tries first to run in FC_AL instead of Point to Point. If the system is booted without being connected to a switch, it may operate in FC_AL mode even after it is connected to a switch. In some circumstances you may have problems with missing devices if your HBA does not run in the correct mode.

To set the HBA to Point-to-Pont mode:

chdev -l adapter_name -a init_link=pt2pt -P

You’ll have to reboot to make this change active. You could bring down the adapter if you can varyoff the VGs and make the change immediately.

You can check it by looking at the init_link field using the lsattr -El adapter_name command.

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