AIX upgrade missing migration option

The Migration Upgrade option is missing when trying to perform an AIX upgrade.

Check the version of each copy of the boot logical volume (hd5).  If any copy has the target AIX version or higher, this will cause the migration option to be unavailable.

<pre><code># lslv -l hd5
PV                COPIES        IN BAND       DISTRIBUTION
hdisk0            001:000:000   100%          001:000:000:000:000
hdisk1            001:000:000   100%          001:000:000:000:000

# /usr/lpp/bosinst/blvset -d /dev/hdisk0 -g level
# /usr/lpp/bosinst/blvset -d /dev/hdisk1 -g level

To update the boot logical volume:

<pre><code># bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

bosboot: Boot image is 25214 512 byte blocks.</code></pre>

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