HACMP timestamp inconsistent

If the timestamps between the nodes in a Concurrent VG get out of sync, you can get:
WARNING: The HACMP timestamp file for shared volume group: vg1
is inconsistent with the time stamp in the VGDA for the
following nodes: node1

To correct the above condition, run verification &
synchronization on with
“Automatically correct errors found during verification?” set to
either ‘Yes’ or ‘Interactive’.  The cluster must be down for the
corrective action to run.

Or, with the system up, you can run:

<pre><code>/usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/clupdatevgts vg_name</code></pre>

This only applies to HACMP < 5.4.  In 5.4 the command is removed, but the problem should be fixed by doing a Lazy Update to the VG for non-concurrent VGs.  For Enhanced Concurrent VGs, it should no longer be a problem.

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