Using SOL for console access on IBM JS blades

To setup SOL to access the internal serial port of the IBM JS SeriesP blade as a console:

  1. Login to the AMM (Advanced Management Module) by browsing to the Blade Center with your favorite web browser and logging in. The default user id and password is USERID/PASSW0RD (that’s a zero in “password”, all caps).
  2. Click on Serial Over LAN from the AMM. Put a check in the box next to the new blade, select “Enable” from the pull down, and click Perform Action to enable it.
  3. Under Serial Over LAN Configuration, verify that SOL is enabled globally.
  4. Click on the “Blade Configuration” link. From this menu you can rename your new blade and setup your BSMP (Blade System Management Processor) IP Range. This range is used to connect to the console of the blades when telnetted or SSHed in to the Blade Center. The IPs are distributed automatically to the blades so the blade in slot 1 gets the first, the blade in slot 2 gets the second. For example if the range was, Blade 1 would be, Blade 2 would be, and so on.
  5. Enable logins on the vty port of the blade to allow remote access from the Management Module.
    chdev  -l 'vty0' -a login='enable'
  6. To connect to the console, telnet or SSH to the Blade Center and login using an admin id and password. Once connected, you can see the various blades by issuing the command “list -l 2”.
    system> list -l 2
            mm[1]     standby
            mm[2]     primary
            blade[1]  laba
            blade[2]  copibma
  7. To connect to the console for your specific blade, issue the command
    console -T system:blade[#]

    where the ‘#’ represents the slot number of your blade. Example…

    system> console -T system:blade[1]

    You should now be in the console of the JS blade. To exit the console and get back to the Blade Center CLI, issue the “Enter CLI” key sequence that’s defined in the SOL menu on the Blade Center. By default, it’s ESCAPE-SHIFT-9.

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