Session SHOW commands

SHow INVObject 0 ObjectId:

Use this command to show an inventory object, reporting its nodename, filespace, management class, and more. This command can be useful if you get errors with objects.


If your TSM server is running very slow it is worth trying this command. A TSM server uses locks to serialise updates to prevent corruption. You use this command to see what resources are locked.


The TSM server monitors resource usage and will cancel any resource users that are holding onto resources for too long. You use the SHOW RESQUEUE command to display the resource queue and it will display information about transactions, locks, and other resources.


Useful for diagnosing hangs or other general session problems while a session is still connected to the server. This is also useful in cases where a session is cancelled or terminated and still appears in QUERY SESSION.


You use this command to get information about active server transactions. Transactions are the low level operations that actually read or update the database. This command can be useful for diagnosing hangs or other transaction related problems, but the command produces a lot of output, and many of the fields are a bit obscure.

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