Storage Pool SHOW commands

Show archives for a given Node within a Policy Set:

SHow Archives PolicySet NodeName

This command will list out all the files in a storage pool that are marked as damaged. To fix them, run an AUDIT VOL command.

SHow DAMAGED poolname

This command was added with TSM version 5.2.2. It will check out all possible destination storage pools for a given client node and tell you if this storage pool can support LAN-free backup and restore.

SHOW LANFREE nodeName storageAgent

Shows the status of the library and its drives:

SHow LIBrary

The fields are:

  • busy=0 means the drive is not mounted or even acquired by TSM.
  • busy=1 should reflect TSM using the drive (Query MOunt). But this could result from drive maintenance. Fix by trying ‘cfgmgr’ AIX command, or killing the lmcpd AIX process and then doing ‘cfgmgr’ or ‘/etc/lmcpd’.
  • online=0 means the drive is “offline”. You can update a drive to be offline, in which case the polled flag will be 0.
  • polled=1 means that TSM could not use the drive for one of three reasons:
    1. The drive is loaded with a Non-TSM volume (eg a cleaner cartridge, or a volume from the other TSM server)
    2. The drive is unavailable to the library manager (usually set this way by load/unload failures)
    3. The drive cannot be opened (some other application has it open, or there’s some connection problem, etc)
  • polled= 1 means the server is polling the drive every 30 seconds to see when the above three conditions all clear (it also means that the online flag should be 0). When the conditions clear, it turns online back to 1 and the drive should now be available to be acquired.

Note that if no tape drive is currently available, TSM will wait rather than kill the client and administrative tasks.

Show all SPACEMGMT Files for node:

SHOW SPAce nodename filespace

Useful for displaying the states and attributes of defined storage pools.


You use this command to get statistics from the last migration or backup stgpool process.


This command show the files stored for the node and filespace:

SHOW VERsions nodename filespace

For UNIX clients I’ve had to add namet=unicode. For example,

show versions hnaa * namet=unicode

Shows the volumes being used by a given Node. Does not show Copy Storage Pools. IBM intends to replace this with a similar, supported command.


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