Remove a dead node

The cleanupNode command cleans up a node configuration from the cell repository. Only use this command to clean up a node if you have a node defined in the cell configuration, but the node no longer exists. You must run this command from the install_root/bin directory of a Network Deployment installation.
Note: The cleanupNode command may not remove application server information from clusters when the associated node has already been removed. In these cases, you will need to manually remove entries related to the server from WebSphere Application Server configuration files (cluster.xml, security.xml, multi-broker.xml, EAR deployment descriptors, for example).


cleanupNode [options]

WebSphere 5:

cleanupNode nodename deploymgr 8889 -username username -password password

WebSphere 6:

cleanupNode nodename deploymgr 8879 -username username -password password

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