Why I hate the HTC Evo

The HTC Evo on Sprint is a nice phone. Big screen, fast processor, a fast network, and so on…. but I hate it.

I have both the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment. The Hero is a nice phone, the sense UI is cool, but it’s a little buggy and it mystery dials random contacts on it’s own. The Moment is okay. It’s fairly fast, but the UI is still sluggish sometimes. The screen is really nice, though. But, it’s flaky if the GPS is running, and reboots or crashes on it’s own randomly once in a while.

So, I should LOVE the HTC Evo, it’s the new hot phone with none of the problems of the previous phones (that we know of). The problem is the plan, and the word “unlimited”. I already pay for the “unlimited” data plan. And, it’s pretty unlimited. I can download data as fast as the phone can pull it, and download as much as I care to.

But, the Evo has a $10 a month surcharge to cover the extra data that Sprint is SURE you’ll use…. Wait, what? My plan is already unlimited. Why is there a surcharge for more data? I actually would be much happier if they came out and said because more people are using data heavy services, rates are going up. Even if they went to a tiered plan where the current rate has limited data transfer and the unlimited plan is $10 more a month I would be happier.

But don’t call my plan unlimited, then when I want a new phone make me pay for a MORE unlimited plan. I have the same problem with ISPs that have an unlimited plan, but when you download over a certain amount they cut your bandwidth. That’s not unlimited.

When I asked our local sales rep if they’re getting any flack from customers for it. The answer was “it’s better than AT&T, and where are they going to go? Verizon?” The price is still lower than Verizon or AT&T, and the service is better than AT&T. But I’m at the point where I would pay more money on Verizon for a Droid X with a limited data plan than stay with a company that uses this kind of BS.

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