Encrypting A Default Username For stopServer.sh

By default ILMT, and WebSphere in general, asks you for a password when running srvstop.sh if security is enabled. That’s nice if you don’t trust your users. But, if you have a secured system you may not want to have to lookup the userid the once or twice a year you bring down WebSphere.

On a new install of ILMT, with the bundled WebSphere server, all you have to do is edit the soap.client.props file:

vi /opt/IBM/LMT/eWAS/profiles/AppSrv01/properties/soap.client.props

And fill in the com.ibm.SOAP.loginUserid and com.ibm.SOAP.loginPassword properties. Now srvstop.sh shouldn’t prompt you anymore for a username and password. The down-side of this is that the password is in plain text, IBM provides a tool to encrypt that, just run it against the file and property to encrypt:

/opt/IBM/LMT/eWAS/profiles/AppSrv01/bin/PropFilePasswordEncoder.sh /opt/IBM/LMT/eWAS/profiles/AppSrv01/properties/soap.client.props com.ibm.SOAP.loginPassword

Your directories may be different, but you get the idea. The tool will ask if you want to make a backup of the file first, and then encrypt the com.ibm.SOAP.loginPassword property.

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