Restore files between TSM client nodes

This will let you restore one nodes files onto another node with TSM. I don’t use it often, so it’s good to have a reference.

In the dsmc client, on the node who owns the file, grant access to the other node (where target_node is the node you want to restore the file to):

set access backup * target_node *

In the dsmc client, on the node where you want the file restored to (where source_node is the node where you ran the last command):

res -fromnode=source_node source_file target_file -pick -inactive

Create a userid remotely w/ TSM

For all those TSM admins out there frustrated because you can’t get on a client box.

The TSM “command action” is an excellent way to gain access to any TSM client that uses the TSM central scheduler. To do this, run the following commands on your TSM server.

for WINDOWS (NON Domain Controllers only)

def clienta nodename act=C obj='net user username password /add'
def clienta nodename act=C obj='net localgroup ADMINISTRATORS username /add'

For Linux (Redhat tested)

def clienta nodename act=C obj='/usr/sbin/useradd -u 0 -m -r -o username'
def clienta nodename act=C obj='/bin/echo password | /usr/bin/passwd --stdin  username'