AIX Debug Install

If an installation or migration fails, you can run the install in “debug” mode. Boot from the CD as normal, select the console and language. Then type “911”. The screen should silently refresh without saying anything about an invalid selection. Now continue the install as normal. The output of the scripts the install process runs with show up on the screen. It’s sometimes a lot of data, but you can often see what’s wrong with the install this way.

Storage Pool SHOW commands

Show archives for a given Node within a Policy Set:

SHow Archives PolicySet NodeName

This command will list out all the files in a storage pool that are marked as damaged. To fix them, run an AUDIT VOL command.

SHow DAMAGED poolname

This command was added with TSM version 5.2.2. It will check out all possible destination storage pools for a given client node and tell you if this storage pool can support LAN-free backup and restore.

SHOW LANFREE nodeName storageAgent

Shows the status of the library and its drives:

SHow LIBrary

The fields are:

Database and Log SHOW commands


Use this command to see if you need to increase your database buffer pool size. An associated command is SHOW BUFV, but it is less obvious what the output means.

Example output is:

    Database Buffer Pool Statistics:

    Total Buffer Latch Requests:   184217213
    Times Scavenging Required:      1123642  0.61%
    Times Scavenging by Stealing:   1105210  0.60%
    Times Scavenging by Waiting:          0  0.00%
    Times Read Required:            1123574  0.61%
    Cache Hit Percentage:             99.39%

SHow BUFVars:

Shows database buffer pool global variables.


Use this command to displays the database transaction table.

Example output is: